Huge congrats on the upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah! We’re incredibly honored that you’re considering our team, renowned for our mitzvah expertise, to document this extraordinary chapter in your child’s life. Right here, you’ll find all you need to get acquainted with our award-winning style and easygoing approach to photographing (and filming) New York City’s most glamorous Bar Mitzvah celebrations.

Joyful Bat Mitzvah Hora dance captured by top NYC Bat Mitzvah photographer
Joyful Bat Mitzvah Hora dance captured candidly by an experienced Kiss Me in New York Bat Mitzvah photographer

We’re well-acquainted with the fine details and high standards of upscale mitzvah events, skillfully capturing the heartwarming solemnity and the exuberant joy. Recognizing the family’s pivotal role, our photographers skillfully blend frame-worthy formal portraits with emotion-filled candids, ensuring your child’s festivities are beautifully immortalized.

Our NYC pre-Mitzvah photoshoots offer an excellent opportunity to already connect with your photographer, fine-tune those picture-perfect poses, and capture your child’s momentous coming-of-age in a way destined to be cherished for generations. Tailored to reflect your kid’s unique vibe, passions, and interests, our pre-Mitzvah photo sessions are all about fun and photographs simply begging to be displayed. These swoon-worthy pictures are the ideal personal touch to your guest sign-in book, invitations, and other keepsakes. They are frequently used to transform the venue with stunning, larger-than-life artwork.

So, whether you choose us to merely capture the joy of the reception/party or opt for more comprehensive photography coverage—including a pre-Mitzvah photoshoot, the Synagogue ceremony, and even Torah reading practice—we’re here to help as much or as little as you need.

Cengiz, every single photo you take is gorgeous—we absolutely love them!!!! You’re our top photographer. The bat mitzvah pictures are absolutely beyond. Can’t wait to see the rest. Safe travels!



Welcome to our FAQ corner, where we’ve compiled answers to the most common questions families ask before embarking on their NYC bat mitzvah photography adventure with us.

Choosing the right photographer for such a special occasion is a significant decision. The section below is designed to give you all the necessary information to help you feel confident and excited about working with us.

NYC Bat Mitzvah photographer captures a stunning portrait from the Big Day
NYC Bat Mitzvah photographer captures a beautiful portrait from the Big Day.

How do you describe your photography style and approach to bar/bat mitzvahs?

What Bar Mitzvah packages do you offer?

Who’ll be our photographer on the day, and can we meet him beforehand?

How many photos should I expect?

What is your turnaround time for delivering the final photos?

What is your cancellation policy?

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